Your catalog, your identity.

  • Custom Interface;
  • Is possible to add as many products and photos as you want;
  • Product identification with tags;


Fast and intuitive product catalog navigation

  • Intuitive and simple e-commerce style navigation;
  • Possibility to work with several orders at the same time;
  • Fast product addition to the cart;


IOS and Android App. Works Online and Offline

  • Both the App and web catalog have the same interface and functionalities, allowing an intuitive navigation;
  • Online and Offline operation;


Information security

  • Username and password for each person to guarantee the security and traceability of system usage;
  • Possibility of effecting request through the application, both online and offline, bringing security to the information;


Administrative site that allows managing collections and orders in real time

  • Online managing of orders;
  • Dinamic generation of the products catalog in PDF;
  • Sales panel to analyse the sales performance.


Zipernet technical support

  • Zipernet has a qualified technical support team, available through several channels of communication and supported by the development team;
  • Logs monitoring. Guaranty safety and stability.

Free trial

Try Peeksello for 14 days without paying.

Easy to use tool; Accelerated our services by 80% (when we sell through the catalog); We received praise from customers who loved it!


Commercial Manager of Carmim.

We present our needs and they made something better than what we imagine, a really easy to work platform, we are totaly satisfied, the client that already use feel comfortable and safe, they can in every place, even in the cellphone, tablet, computer and in any hour made their orders, mainly for those ones who already know the brand and the products. This technology is making a big difference.


M'lev's Director.